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156 Stratoflex medium pressure hose

156-8 hose with a 676-8D fitting attached

Hose Application/Specifications:

156 & 176 HOSE

  • SPECIFICATIONS: Meets the dimensional requirements and meets or exceeds the functional requirements of MIL-H-83797 with an improved inner tube of HSP for better high temperature resistance and essentially unlimited shelf life.* See information bulletin IB-1030 for TSO approvals.

  • CONSTRUCTION: Tube - Seamless HSP elastomer. Reinforcement-One and one-half corrosion resistant steel wire braids.

  • APPLICATION: Medium pressure service with most petroleum base oils, JP fuels, aviation gasoline,MIL-L7808 and MIL-l-23699 lubricants, and many synthetic base fluids. Not affected by alcohols, coolants, and solvents common to the aerospace industry.

    - 65 to +300 F (- 55 to +149 C)
Stratoflex 156 hose is now produced with HSP innertube and thus 156 and 176 and assemblies are identical in qualification and performance.